Bearer of Light

Jackson Kinder
Pomona ‘21

This piece was inspired by bell hooks’ seminal work All About Love. I sought to explore the question: what might a Love Ethic sound like? What sonic components can offer insight into hooks’ groundbreaking ideas?

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i close the door
to your words
when i fall
down the road
through the cracks
under your back
i trace the part

where i froze
i want it to melt
i want it to heat, up
i leave the lamp on

and beneath it, i’m still dreamin’, i’m beneath it now....
i bring the heat in now...
tired of these wings

they use to prop me up
they don’t hold me up

you could be the bearer of light
but you’re addicted to fear
this darkness inside/outside/keeps us under the tide

“love” could be a world that we build
instead of a word that we say

almost all of the time...
i don’t believe u ur in disarray