Issue 3 - Fall 2022

E-reum/이름 ︎

E-reum is a piece written for solo piano improvisation. The concept that I’m choosing to focus is the question: “What does it mean, then, when an individual deems inadequate a name that has been perfectly successful at picking them out and starts going by a different name?”.

Issue 2 - Fall 2021

Cat and Mouse ︎

Joshua Suh, Pomona ’23

Chromatic Thought ︎

Emma Paulini, Pomona ’22
Have you ever noticed how music can ignite this glorious feeling of freedom inside yourself? Produced to explore public philosophy within Professor Ellie Anderson's Existentialism class, I created this podcast episode to engage with the philosophical undertones of a favorite musical artist, Mitski. 

The Struggle 

Hannah Frasure, Pomona ’24

a. HeGeLOgy___

Tristan Latham, Pomona ’23


Gabriella Meerwarth, Scripps ’23


Ian Baime, Claremont McKenna ’24

Issue 1 - Spring 2021


Tarini Gandhi, Pomona ‘21

Antiphon the Sophist ︎

Joshua Suh, Pomona ‘23

Untitled No. 19

Ian Baime, Claremont McKenna ‘24 

Bearer of Light ︎

Jackson Kinder, Pomona ‘21
This piece was inspired by bell hooks’ seminal work "All About Love." I sought to explore the question: what might a Love Ethic sound like? What sonic components can offer insight into hooks’ groundbreaking ideas?


Tristan Latham, Pomona ‘23

Rest Stop

Jenny Park, Pomona ‘22

Suffocated by Capitalism

Ruth Mueller, Harvey Mudd ‘23


SeoJin Ahn, Pomona ‘23


Ugen Yonten, Pomona ‘21